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Why Choose The Mead Consulting Group

As the owner and CEO of a small or mid-size company are the following thoughts overtaking your days and keeping you awake at night?

  • I feel like my company is stuck at a certain level of growth.
  • Sales have grown, but profits and cash flow are down.
  • I need to develop new sources of revenue growth.
  • I spend too much time fighting fires.
  • I wish I had more time to spend with customers or developing new products and markets.
  • Am I building long-term value?
  • I am concerned about my retirement and exit strategy.

The Mead Consulting Group can help your company achieve the NEXT level of success. We built a consulting services firm designed around the needs of the owners of small and mid-size businesses. We are dedicated to a fundamental principle that every action taken in your business should increase the VALUE of your business.

Our team works closely with client CEOs and senior executives to drive activities that increase company value and unlock the potential to move to the next level.

Companies get stuck at various levels of growth and stages of maturity. The very things that made you successful at one stage may be a barrier to success at the next stage. The MCG team identifies the barriers to successful planning and execution and works with the CEO and management team to overcome these barriers.

Whether you are running . . .

. . . a 50 person company and dealing with too many details and not enough time

. . . a 250 person company and looking for the next breakthrough success

. . . a 750 person company and looking for ways to improve performance

The Mead Consulting Group can help you!

It's all about results

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The Mead Consulting Group was developed specifically to meet the needs of small and middle market companies. We live in your community and serve as a part of your Executive Advisory Team.

We work with CEOs and senior executives.

We have senior people who have done it before in their own businesses.

We don't just produce reports - we help you and your team GET RESULTS.

We leverage your resources - we don't just "camp out" at your site.

We're specialists! We are not a firm with a consulting add-on.

It is our job to make YOU look good!