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MCG Team - Experience Matters

The Mead Consulting Group puts the best talent available to work to meet the needs of your business.

MCG includes more than 40 senior consultants. Each of these seasoned professionals has general management experience and background in marketing, strategic planning, sales, business development, manufacturing, distribution and finance and has worked with Fortune 500 companies and successful small and mid-size companies.

The MCG team of professionals have held positions such as president and CEO, general manager, controller, CFO, VP of sales and marketing, with companies such as Mountain Medical Equipment, Medtronic, GE, Bristol Myers, Gates, Procter & Gamble, Oracle, National Starch, Pentax, GE Medical Systems, Cigna, Samsonite, Milton Bradley, Cisco, Boston Market.

Most importantly, our team of consultants who work directly with CEO’s have three vital assets:

  • Broad functional experience with larger companies ($150M or above) in a P&L role.
  • Have started a company and FAILED (it is true that we learn more from failure than success).
  • Have been with a mid-size business that SUCCEEDED.

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Dave Mead - 30+ years P& L responsibility - Milton Bradley, Fisher Price, Samsonite, Mountain Medical, Dycol Chemicals. Started /ran six companies (Marketing, Operations, Finance, International)

Sherri Baum - 25 years P&L experience with software, technology companies (Product Development, Marketing, International). Started and ran three companies

Greg Benson - 20 years P& L experience with software and technology companies (Sales, Business Development). Ran three companies across multiple industries

Charles Booth - 25 years experience with International Business Development, Sales, Strategic Relationships, Joint Ventures

Karen Brankowski - 20 years experience with software and education companies (GM, Product Marketing).

Bob Branson - 30+ years P&L experience in energy-related industries. Significant International experience (Joint Ventures, M&A, Strategic Relationships

Tony Caruso - 20+ years experience leading medical device and instrumentation firms (General Management, Marketing). Started or ran three companies including successful IPO.

Jennifer Dawkins - 25+ years GM and P&L manufacturing companies (Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Operations, LEAN)

Michael Florio - 20 years P&L responsibility - US Surgical, J&J. Started and Ran four medical device and software companies (Marketing, Sales, FDA Clinical, Software development)

Larry Gandolfo - 25+ years GM P&L responsibility. (Franchise Operations, Sales, Marketing). Ran four different franchise businesses

Linda Hartman- 20+ years GM and P&L consumer packaged goods, media, distribution companies (Marketing, Distribution, Logistics, International)

Brian Hok - 25+ years GM and P&L manufacturing and technology companies (Manufacturing, Distribution, International, LEAN)

Margaret Jeffries - 20 years GM and P&L software, technology companies (Manufacturing, Distribution, International)

Kevin Johns -25 years experience in healthcare services, medical devices - BOC Healthcare, Johnson& Johnson, Surgicon. (Marketing, Operations, Business process / Organizational Change) Started and ran 3 companies

Jim Langley , Chair MCG Healthcare Practice - 30 years in Healthcare - Medtronic, Medco, Accredo (Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Providers) in Marketing, Product Management. Launched numerous product lines and several companies, ran large-scale reimbursement operations. 

John Larkin - 25 years P&L - UPS, Fed Ex. CEO of 2 companies (Logistics, Marketing, Fulfillment, Distribution, Call Centers)

Jonathan Levitt - 35 years experience as Operations Executive (Manufacturing, Distribution) with experience spanning seven companies

Deborah Longer - 18 years P&L experience. Started, ran and sold two successful consumer products companies

Dan Manelli - 25 years of experience with LEAN and Supply Chain projects across a number of industries and geographies

Charlie McKeon - 20+ years Sales and Marketing experience that led to running four companies (CEO, GM) and taking each from under $10M in revenue to over $35M in revenue

Patricia Monaghan - 15 years P&L - software, technology.

Susan Mowers - 25 years P&L - content, post-secondary education, software, e-Learning (Marketing, Operations, Distribution) Ran two companies.

Ray Scorza - 20 years experience as GM and technical manager with manufacturing companies

Richard Tucker - 20 years P&L - toys and games, content, e-Learning (Operations, Distribution, Logistics)

Barbara Thompson - Simply one of the most dynamic leaders, she built and ran two companies over a 30-year career before joining MCG

Jason Weitz - A physician by background, Jason founded and ran three medical device companies and sold each to major pharmaceutical/device companies

Barbara Wilson - 20+ Years P&L experience in consumer products and sports-related industries (International, Supply Chain, Joint Ventures, M&A)

James Wong - 25 years experience with software, manufacturing, and building products companies in China and near- Asia

It's all about results

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The Mead Consulting Group was developed specifically to meet the needs of small and middle market companies. We live in your community and serve as a part of your Executive Advisory Team.

♦ We work with CEOs and senior executives.

♦ We have senior people who have done it before in their own businesses.

♦ We don't just produce reports - we help your team GET RESULTS.

♦ We leverage your resources - we don't just "camp out" at your site.

♦ We're specialists! We are not a firm with a consulting add-on.

♦ It is our job to make YOU look good!