Strategic planning and execution:

·         Market Access

·         Market Acceleration

·         Market Revitalization


 Mead Consulting Group Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice

The MCG Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice provides strategic consulting services for Medical Device, Diagnostic, Bioscience, Healthcare IT and services companies as well as Providers and Payors. Our focus is market access and market development strategies to drive company and new/existing business segment growth objectives – either with earlier stage product launches/introductions or for certain existing product markets that are facing strategic growth challenges.


 Strategic Planning and Scenario Planning

How well are you prepared for what you think will happen in the future? How well are you prepared for what you don’t think will happen?

 ·         Scenario Planning. Uncertainty, volatility and risk are here to stay. Scenario planning helps your team embrace uncertainty, adapt to changes in the environment, and to move more quickly to gain competitive advantage.


·         The Customer Forward Strategic Planning Process integrates market and customer input into the strategic planning process, prioritizes those strategies that the organization has the highest probability of executing well, and develops a feedback loop that tracks results.


Market Access, Acceleration, Re-Vitalization

The Mead Consulting Group works with your leadership on strategic market access and development planning and execution, including:


·         Product/Market Positioning strategies including:
- Clinical/regulatory and proof statement strategy
- Marketing tool positioning/development/training

·         Reimbursement and Payor Coverage strategy

·         Key Opinion Leader development/execution

·         Distribution channel development/revitalization

·         Sales barrier planning, tool development, and training  



 Reimbursement, Payor Coverage, and Integrating Customer Economics into your Marketing Strategy



While most medical technology companies understand that they will have to eventually have a “Reimbursement Strategy”, they often don’t appreciate how they could be leveraging their broader product investment to drive a Reimbursement strategy. Critically, we have seen that an inadequate Reimbursement strategy negatively bends the market adoption curve, slows adoption, and can limit total market penetration.

 It is essential for a company to understand its customer’s economics – as driven by the product/procedure. MCG works with companies to assess their customer’s economics, develop a Reimbursement and Payor Coverage strategy, to leverage current investments/data/customers and develop and execute an effective strategy.




What Clients Say About Us?


The Mead Consulting Group helped us re-assess our strategic market opportunities and “pivot” to a higher growth Hospital market opportunity. The Mead Group’s strategic analysis, including an assessment of external market legislative drivers and re-positioning of our core product line(s) to leverage these drivers, has accelerated our growth curve substantially.


The Mead Consulting Group developed an integrated Strategic Plan that helped us target all our key customers including physicians, purchasing hospital, Group Purchasing Organization, and Payor. They helped us think farther ahead to the commercialization phase and to address sales barriers that would have stopped us dead in our tracks.


MCG helped us develop a strategy to obtain payor coverage through a series of local coverage decisions targeting key local payors and utilizing our current customer network. This greatly accelerated our revenue stream allowing us to beat our market share goals in our strategic plan over a 3 year time frame.

MCG helped us review our current market access strategy improving our clinical proof statement/value proposition and Key Opinion Leader strategy. They worked with us and our key customers to design and implement a study protocol that enabled us to clearly demonstrate improved quality and cost outcomes – and worked with us to design 
and execute a marketing plan to drive awareness and penetration.



Jim Langley

Chair, Healthcare &  Life Sciences Practice

Mr. Langley has 25+ years experience in the Medical Device/Diagnostic and biologics space with leadership roles in such companies as Medtronic, Accredo Health Group and Medco Health Solutions. Mr. Langley has taken a number of new 

devices and biologics to market across a range of clinical applications, physician specialties, and sites-of-service. As such, his deep experience covers all key areas of market development including product/market positioning, clinical/medical necessity proof strategies, Key Opinion Leader development, publications and literature strategies, and Value Proposition development including Reimbursement, Payor Coverage, and Cost-Benefit strategies. Finally, Mr. Langley has deep Reimbursement system, payor coverage, and formulary/utilization management experience thru his years as SVP of Reimbursement for Accredo Health Group and Medco Health Solutions.


For more information, contact:

Jim Langley (720) 273-8014