See what business owners say about Mead Consulting:


  ...We could not have completed the sale of our business without the advice and guidance of The Mead Consulting Group. Their experience was critical in helping us prepare, and endure, the transaction process to a successful outcome. ...Charles M, President, Healthcare IT Company

...We missed the opportunity to sell our family business during the last upcycle. Mead Consulting helped us grow revenue and EBITDA to record levels and guided us through the selection of a transaction team. Dave Mead and his group provided great counsel throughout the sales process, removing obstacles and firmly encouraging us to a great deal with a strategic buyer that mirrored our family business values. ...Dan M, President, Building Products Company

A successful process is draining and stressful.  The Mead Consulting Group brought the experience and expertise necessary to help our team focus on the critical issues and not get caught up in the multitude of items that can derail a transaction.  Why reinvent the wheel?  We chose to take advantage of individuals who could help us understand the nuances, negotiate effectively, and close the deal. ...  Ken W.,CEO, Behavioral Healthcare

  ...I do not know why anyone would attempt to sell their business without Mead Consulting. Since they have owned and sold their own businesses, they understand the challenges of continuing to run the business while trying to sell it. Their experience kept us focused on the right things and they helped keep our transaction team well-aligned during the process. They truly act as the advocate for the CEO and owner, helping to make sure that it was the best deal for the owner. ...Ron T, CEO, Software Business

...We really underestimated what the sales process would be like. Mead Consulting worked with us to prepare the company, helped us with our planning and due diligence, management presentation, coached us with presenting, and helped us navigate throughout the process. ...Steve F, CEO, Financial Services Company

…Thank you to you and your team for helping us. You have that unique ability to challenge people without coming across as judgmental or critical, and you forced us to look at things differently. We would not have been able to get to the next level without your help…Mike M, President, Business Services


Investment banking firms routinely recommend MCG to clients and prospects that want to increase value before selling or to help maximize value during a sales process.