When did it become OK to just be OK?  Have we just re-defined success to lower levels?


  • Flat is the new up
  • We’ve maintained our position
  • We’re up from last year” (but up is still well below 2008 or 2009)
  • We’re holding our own
  • We’re doing well…considering the economy”

Or do we just ignore problems and congratulate each other for mediocre performance. The predominant use of the word “awesome” to describe any activity is but one example.

Someone who can’t get even the basics right for an event is congratulated on an awesome job...Someone who barely maintains an organization’s or municipality’s status is saluted for an awesome term…Someone who avoids risk and therefore doesn’t make a mistake is saluted.

Is this the outcome of the “everyone gets a ribbon” generation? ….or “grade inflation?”…or just lowered expectations? Or just the impace of an economic beatdown?

Has the economic downturn made it OK to just be OK? Have we lost our MOJO?