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Merger and Acquisition Planning and Integration



It is estimated that in 70 percent of all acquisitions the value creation objectives are not achieved. Of the failed transactions, approximately 20 percent are due to a poorly planning acquisition while almost 50% are due to a poorly managed integration process.

The Mead Consulting group helps clients with both parts of the process. Click here for an overview of Pre-merger planning Acquisition Strategy and Execution which outlines MCG's approach to the identification of strategic acquisitions or mergers that further your company's overall strategic plan.

Click here for an overview of MCG's approach to Post-merger integration.

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The Mead Consulting Group includes more than 30 senior consultants. Each of these seasoned professionals has general management experience and background in marketing, strategic planning, sales, business development, manufacturing, distribution and finance and has worked with Fortune 500 companies and successful small and mid-size companies.

Most importantly, our team of consultants who work directly with CEO's have three vital assets:

♦ Broad functional experience with larger companies in a P&L role.

♦ Have started a company and FAILED (it is true that we learn more from failure than success).

♦ Have been with a mid-size business that SUCCEEDED.