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Strategic Marketing
(Market, Channel and Product Line Development)

Most companies are not initially successful because of good strategic marketing. Instead, they enjoy success because they have invented a “better mousetrap” and could sell a better mousetrap. It is product or service and sales that provides the initial surge for businesses. It is not uncommon for many small and mid-size businesses to exclaim that their success is totally due to “word of mouth.”

Companies initially focus on marketing communications – brochures, websites, trade show booths, collateral material. At some point, however, it becomes very important to have a clear understanding of how you compete, where you compete, and how you win. This involves strong positioning in the market, a clear consistent message, and the means to reach the right target audiences. It means the development of additional market channels, product line extensions, new products, and identification of new markets in order to continue profitable growth.

The senior consultants at MCG have experience with growing companies as they reach this stage and can help your company to develop the strategic marketing plans, the organization, and the expertise necessary to succeed at the next level. We can help your organization learn to think, plan, and act strategically.

It's all about results

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The Mead Consulting Group includes more than 30 senior consultants. Each of these seasoned professionals has general management experience and background in marketing, strategic planning, sales, business development, manufacturing, distribution and finance and has worked with Fortune 500 companies and successful small and mid-size companies.

Most importantly, our team of consultants who work directly with CEO's have three vital assets:

♦ Broad functional experience with larger companies in a P&L role.

♦ Have started a company and FAILED (it is true that we learn more from failure than success).

♦ Have been with a mid-size business that SUCCEEDED.