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Strategic Business Coaching

One-on-One CEO Consulting

At the Mead Consulting Group we have one mission - to help CEOs and business owners focus on the key activities that will increase the value of their business. This means finding ways for the top managers to focus on markets, products, channels and people. Many times that involves working inside a company alongside an owner or CEO and the key managers.

However, it is our belief that having a consultant inside your business is not always a good idea.Like it or not, an inside consultant can change the management dynamics, alter the communication flow, redirect decision-making and weaken the perception of the CEO.

Our Strategic Business coaching is a blend of strategic business consulting, coaching and advisory services designed to help the CEO be more effective at driving value for the business - to focus on strategic issues and being able to execute more effectively. A senior MCG consultant works with the CEO to maintain focus and accountability.

The MCG team of strategic business coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and managers. They have run both large and small companies, as well as start-ups.

Benefits of Strategic Business Coaching, in the words of our clients.

  • Leverage time
    "The only professional service that actually extends my day."
  • Boost productivity
    ". . . the MCG coach is thinking about my business 24 hours a day."
  •  Increase strategic insight
    ". . . the MCG coach doesn't let me get distracted by tactical things."
  • Increase focus
    ". . . helps keep me stay focused so I can keep my company focused."
  • Experience
    ". . . they've all been there before . . . running their own companies."
  • Doesn't disturb the management /company chemistry
    ". . . no one know he's there but me."

It's all about results

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The Mead Consulting Group includes more than 30 senior consultants. Each of these seasoned professionals has general management experience and background in marketing, strategic planning, sales, business development, manufacturing, distribution and finance and has worked with Fortune 500 companies and successful small and mid-size companies.

Most importantly, our team of consultants who work directly with CEO's have three vital assets:

1. Broad functional experience with larger companies in a P&L role.

2. Have started a company and FAILED (it is true that we learn more from failure than success.

3. Have been with a mid-size business that SUCCEEDED.