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About The Mead Consulting Group

The Mead Consulting Group was formed in 1981 with one mission: To help CEOs and business owners focus on the key activities that will increase the value of their business. This means finding ways for the top managers to focus on strategy, markets, customers, channels and people.

Our client engagements and coaching engagements are staffed only by senior level associates who have extensive business management, consulting, and coaching experience.

More than 30 senior professionals make up the MCG team. Our team members have backgrounds in marketing, strategic planning and execution, sales, business development, manufacturing, distribution and finance. They have worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as successful small and mid-size companies.

Gain Sharing: We are so confident in our performance - in the value that you will gain from our engagement - that we are willing to consider an arrangement under which a portion of our fee is directly linked to the increase in value or profit that accrues to the client. This aligns our interests with your company's increase in value.

It's all about results

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The Mead Consulting Group was developed specifically to meet the needs of small and middle market companies. We live in your community and serve as a part of your Executive Advisory Team.

We work with CEOs and senior executives.

We have senior people who have done it before in their own businesses.

We don't just produce reports - we help you and your team GET RESULTS.

We leverage your resources - we don't just "camp out" at your site.

We're specialists! We are not a firm with a consulting add-on.

It is our job to make YOU look good!